How rare is it to find keno at a casino?

Keno is one of the oldest gambling games with its lottery-like structure being a favorite with traditional casino-goers in the US for decades. However, in recent years, it has become harder to find keno games both at brick-and-mortar locations and on online platforms.

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Keno, like bingo in the UK, is generally played by an older demographic who prefer the slower-paced, gentle nature of the game compared to more intensive, fast-paced alternatives that require quick-thinking, skill and stratagems.

This means that younger adults often gravitate to games like Texas hold’em and sportsbooks instead, which means there is less demand for keno, both online and at land-based parlors.

During the last decade or so,the evolution of tech and a need to break new ground has also seen online sites deliver more live dealer games and slots that are more exciting and engaging for players. While keno remains a classic game, it is not, for that reason, usually a top priority. The decline in overall popularity means it is rarer to find keno games compared to games like poker.

The same is true in land-based casinos where keno was once a core offering. The slower nature of the basic keno experience without some of the flashier additions used online limits its appeal and means only around five contests are completed every hour.

The relaxed pace is one of the appeals for some people.For casinos, it can be a drawn-out experience as they have to wait until there are enough people to get started and they then proceed at a leisurely pace. This is different to blackjack, for example, which is another classic game with more of a brisk pace due to the speed of the dealer and the flow of the game.

That’s not to say keno has disappeared entirely or is likely to in the future. Online casino sites look to offer a wide variety of games and slots to meet the demands of a broader audience, and keno’s long history means there are always going to be people that want to play.

Casinos also benefit from a larger “house edge” in keno, which can run up to as much as 35% compared to the typical card games that carry less than a 5% edge.

Keno is not as popular as it once was and it can be more difficult to find the right game, but there are still a number of options for players that want to enjoy this lottery-like experience, both on online casino platforms and at brick-and-mortar casinos.