Matt And Jamie Staples Take On Bill Perkins’ Weight Bet


Bill Perkins made a second high bets prop stake, offering 50-1 to brothers Jaime and Matt Staples while they were in the Caribbean for Perkins’ Steamboat week on the billionaire’s popular Twitch station to an urge. 150,000 when they could get to within a pound of one another in 1. “We’re hanging out after supper a night Bill’s terrace and fired the Twitch flow,” Jaime said. “Someone from the conversation made a casual remark about Jaime and Matt being exactly the identical weight. “We had been streaming along with also a viewer asked what would be the likelihood of them being exactly the exact identical weight in a calendar year,” said Perkins.

“That’s when the discussion began and I came up with exactly what I’d set for odds. All three knew it’d be an amazing challenge using a weight gap between the brothers. Their weights were estimated by them once they booked stepped on a scale six months when they booked the bet. “We really did not have a scale and did not have one in our home,” Jaime said. The Caribbean was left by him for two weeks and went straight back into Vienna. The immensity of this challenge was not dropped on Jaime. “This is what I suck at in life,” he explained.

“There’s a whole lot of motivation, therefore I think I will do it, but for Matt – he is gonna need to add on a nice quantity of fat to make this viable. I can not return to 135 pounds. Perkins believes that Jaime gets the tougher challenge of both. “It’s a lot much easier to eat 1,000 calories than decrease it. The brothers expect that Matt can add 50 pounds of fat that is healthy while Jaime is cutting and hopes to discuss it.